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Improving society’s legal awareness and legal culture in our country is the demand of time. Ensuring further improvement of the legal system of Uzbekistan, creating the legal foundations of a ma.....

Educational process

The educational activities of the Center, building on based on the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the processes of modernization of state and public life, the improvement of the judicial and legal system, the directions and modern requirements for reforms in the political, social, economic and legal spheres, as well as taking into account international standards and best practices of developed countries, is implemented based on state requirements for retraining and continuous education of professionals.

Education programs
  • Employees seconded to the Center for training are trained in groups according to their professional sphere, the time and duration of their training are determined in agreement with the Center according to the distribution plans approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Chamber of Advocates. 
  • The participation of employees seconded to the Center for training is ensured by the relevant organizations on the basis of the distribution plans. The training programs of the Center are developed on the basis of state requirements for retraining and continuing education of legal professionals.

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