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“Improvement questions of the system of training, retraining and continuous legal education of law personnel”


of the international “round table” on the theme:

“Improvement questions of the system of training, retraining and continuous legal education of law personnel”


      On May 20, 2014 at the Lawyers’ training Centre under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan there was held the round table  on the theme “Improvement questions of the system of training, retraining and continuous legal education of law personnel” organized in cooperation with Tashkent State Law Institute, Research Centre under the Supreme Court, Higher Training Courses of the General Prosecution Office, Academy of MIA with the support of international partners: OSCE’s projects Coordinator in Uzbekistan, the Federal Judicial Centre of the USA, EU’s project “Promoting to the judicial-legal reforms in Uzbekistan”, MHO (Regional Dialogue (Slovenia)

In the work of the international “round table” there have participated members of the parliament, representatives of judicial and law enforcement bodies, higher educational institutions, research establishments, nongovernmental sector, mass media, as well as representatives of diplomatic corpus, international nongovernmental noncommercial organizations including experts from Hungary, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, USA, Israel and Japan.

     The main goals of the event were: exchange of experiences on improvement issues of the system of training, retraining and continuous legal education, studying foreign experiences, as well as development of forms and methods of using innovational pedagogical methods and informational-communicative technologies in the educational process.

     The participants noted that the previous “round table” was far from being a first event of this plane organized by the Lawyers’ training centre. That’s why the Center pays a special attention to attracting highly qualified specialists from abroad to share their world experience with colleagues in Uzbekistan.

The foreign experts who have made presentations provided a detailed information on the system of retraining and continuous legal education, in particular, training of judges, prosecutors and employees of justice bodies of their respective country.

    In its turn, the national experts presented an unfolded information regarding the system of re-training and raising the qualification of lawyers’, created in Uzbekistan during the years of independence.  It has already become common knowledge that a firm legal and institutional foundation in the sphere of training and retraining of law personnel was already established in Uzbekistan. At the same time, further development of the judicial-legal reform and the tasks put forward in the Conception on further deepening of democratic reforms and formation of a civil society, require a systematic and comprehensive approach which means  that raising the legal professionalism is a continuous process.

      In the Decree of the President of the State “On Measures on radical improvement of social protection of the employees of the judiciary” of August 2, 2012 special attention was paid to radically bettering the quality of training law personnel who must meet modern requirements. In this connection on the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov Tashkent State Law Institute was changed into Tashkent State Law University in 2013 which was defined as a fundamental higher educational and research institution for training, retraining of legal personnel.

       In Uzbekistan retraining and raising qualification of personnel are two independent stages of the system of continuous education. In this system a special place is occupied by the Lawyers’ training Centre under the Ministry of Justice.

      The measures directed at strengthening the independence of the judiciary, raising the knowledge and qualification of judges, their social protection are intensifying the effectiveness of the work conducted in this sphere. In particular, the Decree of the President of the state “On organizational measures on further improvement of the activity of courts” of November 30, 2012, plaid an important role in this direction as it opened wide opportunities for improvement of the system of election, appointment and raising the qualification of judicial personnel.

      For the purpose of improving preparation of nominees to judgeship to be  appointed as judges from 2013 there were introduced in the training process additional classes on special programs, modern innovational teaching methods, including over-viewing the judicial practice, case studies, acquiring and learning writing skills of the judicial acts-samples and procedural documents, moot court trials (case studies and role plays), discussion of urgent questions of law application practice.   

      In the frame of EU “Promoting judicial-legal reforms” a distance learning is being planned for judges of all instances on the basis of pilot projects, creation of virtual audiences, development of curricula adapted to the distance learning.

      The information provided by the speakers allowed the participants of the “round table” to form a deep and comprehensive imagination on the system of training and retraining of lawyers both at home and abroad and bringing the parallels between these systems and the new system developed in our country.

      On the results of the “round table” the suggestions were discussed on implementation of the positive foreign experience in the sphere of retraining and raising the qualification of lawyers in the national practice of legal education.